In business for over 28 years, Western Minerals has been a leading supplier of High-Grade gypsum into the Agricultural markets of the Southwestern United States. Our specialty is in the manufacture and distribution of "Solution Grade" gypsum. Solution Grade is for use in direct injection applications, which is the most efficient and effective method of amending irrigation water to improve soil structure and increase crop yields. Our Ag-Pro™ brand gypsum works well in all types of irrigation systems, including drip.

We use only all-Natural mined product, O.M.R.I. listed and certified by the California Department of Agriculture as all-organic. The gypsum is milled and distributed from our milling locations in Southern California.

Our agricultural products are available in a variety of package weights, including 1-ton super sacks, and also in bulk via pneumatic trucks for storage and handling in silos. Common distribution is through Agricultural resellers throughout the Southwest region.